Residential Solar System 

Get the best Residential Solar System for your small family from 6.6kW to 102. kW Solar System. Great Return of Investment.

Affordable Residential Solar Panels installation 

Looking for an affordable solar panel in VIC or SA? Our Solar Panel System protects your family from rising electricity bills and helps you to earn money through electricity selling.

Do you want to power your residential and commercial by making use of the SUN’s energy? It may be easier and cheaper than you believe to install solar panels!

Solar Panels Installation Brisbane

At Aussie Modern Solar, We offer a wide range of highly powerful, reliable and durable solar panel system for both residential and commercial use.
We offer high-quality solar panels installation in VIC and SA at the most affordable price.

Investing in the right solar panel system will lead you to save money for years to come.

Whether you’re purchasing a small 3, 4 or 5kW solar Power system for your home or buying a large 10-30kW solar power system for the commercial solar system, but it’s important to have the team that offers full service which helps you at every step of the way.

Make a direct connection to the sun with Aussie Modern Solar.

To know more about Solar Panel System Price, Installation and details, Feel Free to contact our solar panel expert.

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